Question-writing - and some new questions

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Questions - mixed stuff
1 The NBA team Golden State Warriors are based in which Californian city?
2 Angel Falls, the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall, drop over the edge of which flat-topped mountain in Venezuela's Canaima National Park?
3 The first film of the franchise in thirty years, what is the two-word subtitle of the 2015 Mad Max film, which stars Tom Hardy in the title role?
4 Which strait separates the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra?
5 Florence Owens Thompson was the subject of the 1936 photograph entitled Migrant Mother, an iconic image of the Great Depression. Who was the photographer?
6 The musical Annie Get Your Gun was composed by whom?
7 Phlebitis is the inflammation of which part of the body?
8 Wilanow Palace is located in which European capital city?
9 What is the name of Pope Francis's second encyclical that was officially published this week (18 June 2015) accompanied by a news conference?
10 Ruslan Zakharov competes for Russia in which winter sport?

1 Oakland
2 Auyan-tepui
3 Fury Road
4 Sunda Strait
5 Dorothea Lange
6 Irving Berlin
7 Veins
8 Warsaw
9 Laudato si'
10 Speed skating

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